COVID-19 Ate My Gig – General Health and Finance Resources

To slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect vulnerable populations a state of emergency has been declared. This will effect businesses, jobs, and personal health and it will suck, but it will pass. While we practice social distancing, quarantine, and isolation please take care of yourself and others.

We’ve compiled these resources to keep up-to-date on developments, to apply for financial aid (ex. EI, payroll relief fund), and to access mental health resources. These are all direct links to government and services websites, please be careful where and from when you get your information.

News Releases


Accumulated details about COVID-19, testing and case counts, as well as up-to-date information on school closures, public space guidelines, and for employers, businesses, and vulnerable populations.

BC Government

Statements as they are released by the BC Government.

Contact for Non-Health Information & Services Related to COVID-19

Within Canada call: 1-888-268-4319
International calls: 1-604-412-0957
Text: 1-604-630-0300

Government of Canada

Updates, advisories, and responses to COVID-19 from the Government of Canada.

Government of Canada news feed

Worksafe BC

Information and recommendations related to COVID-19 for employers and workers.

COVID-19 and the workplace
Helping employers address COVID-19 in the workplace

Medical Aid

BC CDC Guidelines for Isolation and Resources for Self-Assessment and Contacting Medical Care

BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool
Nurses line call: 811

A4A Ontario We are Heroes: A Plain Language Guide about Covid-19

A plain language guide about COVID-19 created by Austistics for Autistics, an organization in Ontario.

Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center (SARTAC)

Resource center by and for intellectually and developmentally disabled people.

Plain Language Information on COVID-19 (English)
Plain Language Information on COVID-19 (Spanish)

Canadian Mental Health Association

COVID-19 and mental health
6 tips to respond to employee anxiety about COVID-19

Anxiety Canada

Tools and resources to help manage anxiety.

What to do if you’re anxious or worried about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Financial Aid

Canada Revenue Agency

Apply for Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Government of Canada Employment and Social Development

COVID-19 specific information on employment insurance, labour program, work-sharing program, Canada student loans, and passport services.