Office staff introduction email template #2



To:Office staff
Subject line (suggestions):
  • Workers with questions about text messages
  • Our new scheduling software

Send this email shortly before adding your crew to CrewDriver.

Replace ABCD in this template with your shortcode from account setup.

Hey all,

We're using new software that has workers confirm their shifts by text. Over the next few days, we'll be sending them intro texts that will set them up in the software. They may call in with questions.

Here are the important parts:

To use the software, they must reply to the intro text with

"ABCD 00000 YES"
(no quotes, 0’s are zeroes)

They'll receive a confirmation message. If they have not received that first confirmation, they won't be able to receive work offers.

Next up:

  1. They'll receive a test work offer.
  2. Offers for actual shifts will follow.
  3. Offers and confirmations will come from separate numbers. Encourage them to save the numbers in their phone.

Here are some other resources:

Our account manager is, please feel free to contact him with questions.