Commands and Usage



Organization's Shortcode

Call ID







A work offer


A confirmation that your positive response to a work offer was accepted and that shift is now yours


The coordinator removed you from a shift

Waiting List

We couldn't confirm you for the shift, but we'll let you know if that changes

Call closed

All shifts are full or the call was stopped or shutdown


We didn't understand the shortcode, the call id or the response

Receiving Offers

YES - Accept an offer

ie. ABCD 12345 YES

Every yes gets a response. If you send a yes and don't get a reply, we suggest sending it again.

NO - Decline an offer

ie. ABCD 12345 NO

You will not receive a response to a no.


You can't receive work offers unless you respond to the intro message.

Responses can only come from your phone,

You can change your response to a NO after sending in a YES and, if the call is still open, the software will go back to the call list and offer the shift to new people.

You can change your response to a YES after sending in a NO, the software will try to place you so long as the shift is still available.

If you receive a work offer it means that everyone ahead of you didn't accept it in the window they were given, and it hasn't been sent yet to people after you on the list.

You'll have a period to respond before the offer moves on. However, if someone who received the offer previously changes their mind, they can still accept the shift.

90% of responses to work offers from CrewDriver will land you a shift.

Intro text response

An intro text informs that you've been added an organization's CrewDriver account, and requests you respond with the organization's shortcode, 00000, and YES to confirm.
ABCD 00000 YES

To request the More Info Email, text the organization's shortcode, 11111, and an email address.
Ex. ABCD 11111

Signup Link

You may have simply received a link, follow it and it'll allow you to add yourself to the software for your organization.