Flex Integration and Import


Simply log into Flex on the Flex Import page in CrewDriver to access tickets in Flex and draft calls based off of call data from Flex.

Note: Your Flex account name is the prefix of your Flex url, ex:  – the account name is crewdriver.

  1. Navigate to the Flex Import page.
  2. Click Sign In to open the sign in modal.
  3. Fill your Flex account name, username, and password and click Sign In.

You can then search and view Flex quotes to select which to draft a call from. Here's an example video of creating calls from Flex quotes in CrewDriver.


Email support@flexrentalsolutions.com and request to have the CrewDriver report enabled. You only have to do this once.

Once that's available you can export a show's labour details from Flex into a csv file. Follow these steps in CrewDriver to import:

  1. Navigate to the Flex Import page.
  2. Click the Import CSV button.
  3. In the modal, click Choose file.
  4. Select your csv file and click Open.
  5. Click Upload in the modal.

Use the import tool to adjust any of the name fields and to group the shifts together on calls, it will automatically populate the call details as you select shifts.

Any call that needs more detail will be marked with a wrench icon, click the wrench and add any missing info. Any call that's ready to roll will have the standard play button available.

That's it! Just message j@crewdriverapp.com if you need help. Nothing launches without you manually saying Start This Call, so you can import things with impunity.


The exported file is a pdf instead of a csv

In Flex:

  1. Navigate to System Settings.
  2. Under Custom Reports open CrewDriver Export.
  3. Uncheck boxes for all formats except CSV and click UPDATE.
  4. Export Crewdriver Report.

Can't see the CrewDriver Export

In Flex:

  1. Navigate to Projects.
  2. Under Project Elements double click Quote.
  3. Select Reports tab.
  4. Under Instance Level reports, check the box for CrewDriver Export.
  5. Click Update in the bottom right-hand corner.


CrewDriver and Flex use similar language but they're not the same. Here's the map of field names in Flex to CrewDriver

Flex → CrewDriver
Quote Name → Project
Subtotal Title → Call Name
Line Item Quantity → Quantity
Labor Role → Position

Line Item Start Date → Call Start
Line Item End Date → Call End
Venue Name → Venue

Production Task → Production Task
Venue Ship Address Line 1, 2, and 3 → Street Address
Venue Ship Address City → City
Venue Ship Address State → State
Venue Ship Address Zip → Zip