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Main Checklist

Be warned, you will hear the following!

  • Get Yourself Ready checklist
  • Setup your account checklist
  • Get Everyone Else Ready checklist
  • Add & Train your crew, up to 100% Crew Opted in
  • Positions created, up to 100% crew on positions
  • Schedule some crew with test calls
    • Existing pre-booked calls added and confirmed
    • Shifts booked using your existing methods as support
  • Fill some live calls filled with CrewDriver
  • "It's confusing"
  • I get too many texts
  • I don't know how long I get to respond
  • I don't get long enough to respond
  • I used to get it all at once and now it's one at a time
  • I like it better when someone phones/emails me
  • How do I get my schedule?

Ask them to be patient, and let them know you're trying out a new system. Ask them politely to give it a few weeks before they decide whether they find it helpful or not.

Get Yourself Ready

Setup your account

  • Go for a test drive
  • Select "Click here for a trial"
  • Account details added
  • Your Notifications setup
  • Extra coordinator accounts requested

Get Everyone Else Ready

Bonus Round!

Important: Crew will be messaged the second you add them to CrewDriver. If you do not warn them, you may experience some backlash. We recommend the above emails to ease the transition.

  • Anyone who doesn't respond has been given a call
  • All crew knows to send in SCHED for their schedule