General FAQ


 How does CrewDriver save time?

CrewDriver automates sending offers and receiving responses, removing the need to call every worker for a simple yes or no. We've also built tools to make it easy to message crew by text or email, remind them of their upcoming shifts, or to send updated information.

 Can workers send in comments or stipulations?

CrewDriver doesn't receive worker comments. If you're looking for a chat tool, I suggest Zipwhip (for your business number) or Mightytext (from your personal cell). If you want to automate this part of your scheduling, that's what we do that really well. As well, if they have questions they can still call you.

 What about crew complaints?

We generally see 1 or 2 crew out of 25 get pretty excited (possibly negatively) about the change. We often see the people who resist the hardest become the bigger fans. They're passionate people, and change may freak some out more than others.

The best path is to be patient and firm. Tell the crew the truth: that it's a trial. Give it a chance and you can evaluate together if it's making life easier or more complicated.

In 10 days everyone will be using it and in a few months it'll seem weird that people ever called each other for a quick yes or no.

 How does your pricing work?

We only charge for each shift confirmation. So if someone accepts a work offer and they get booked for the shift, that's what you pay for.

With us you're only paying for success, and when you're billing your client, instead of paying a monthly subscription rate no matter how much you're actually using CrewDriver.

 Not-for-Profit Organizations

We love to support not-for-profit organizations. If you need to book less than 40 shifts a month we'll give you a sponsored account no questions asked.

If you'll need more than that, contact our founder directly and we can talk about special rates, 

 Do you do import from CSV or Excel?

Even better! You can copy and paste straight into the browser window's import spreadsheet, you don't even have to worry about formatting.

 Do you integrate with Flex Rental Solutions?

We've built a special tool in partnership with Flex that allows you to move your show info quickly over to CrewDriver to get your shifts filled by your crew. For complete instructions, check out our page on Flex Integration and Import.


 Can we customize the response messages?
So the answer is "mostly".
We have the option for private numbers, which allow you to drop the "TEST" part, and at least one of the 1's. The 4 letter code that indicates which company it's for.
The 11111 is the shift that they're responding to. 
If you take that part out, the only shift they can respond to is the last one they were offered. As crew typically will have a few offers to choose from, we use a 5 digit to indicate which one they're interested in.
 Why is CrewDriver not an app?

Using SMS allows anyone one with a cell phone to respond to work offers. This precludes crew members who have a smart-phone from having first dibs at work offers.

 What's the workaround if someone can't receive text messages?

The best thing to do is set them to check the Landline box on their profile. Then when the time comes to offer that person a shift, CrewDriver will pause the call and notify you that it's time to call them. This maintains the order that offers are being sent. You can then manually respond for them so it's recorded that they were contacted.

 Why are there multiple phone numbers for messages?

Each region has multiple numbers. There will be a single number that sends confirmations (so it's easier to separate out the confirmed work from the offers) and 2 or more numbers for the offers (so that the phone companies don't choke on the number of messages we send out at a time).

We recommend saving the confirmation number as one contact, and the multiple offer numbers under a single separate contact. CrewDriver numbers by region can be found here. 

 What phone numbers does CrewDriver send texts from?

CrewDriver numbers by region can be found here. We recommend saving the numbers that send offers under one contact "Offers", and the number that sends confirmations as "Confirmations".


 Can an administrator see if any of the crew is already in CrewDriver with another company?

Every relationship inside of CrewDriver is unique. There's no way to see who works for whom without accessing that company's specific account.

We err on the side of caution as far as privacy goes in this case.

  What does the 5 digit code represent?

The five digit code is the call ID, a number unique to each call to keep them identified in the system. Workers can then receive multiple offers and the system will know which one they're accepting or declining, and when looking at logs each call is distinct.

 What happens when a call is started?

The software adjusts the list of available workers based on tweaks, removes any people who are already booked, grabs the (number of shifts available + 10%) top qualified people from the position list or top of a referral list and sends them a work offer. It then waits until the escalation period elapses or all workers respond and sends offers to the next group of people if there are shifts remaining to fill.

Not sure how position list ranking or referral lists work? Learn more about work offer methods here.

 How does CrewDriver handle incoming messages?

CrewDriver reads the shortcode and call ID to know which company and shift the message is for. Then it determines if the response is a yes or no.

With a yes response, we send them a confirmation message and book the shift for them. If we can't place them, we put them on the waiting list and let them know. With a no response, an offer is sent to the next worker at the end of the escalation period and the worker is placed on the declined list.

If CrewDriver can't understand the message, it will inform the worker and offer troubleshooting options.

 When do responses to shifts stop being open to change?

One escalation period after the last shift on the call is filled or 48 hours before the shift starts. Once a call is filled it is the former, if the call continues unfilled then it is the latter. Additionally, stopping a call cuts off any further changes to responses, but workers can still accept a shift.

 How come you use a 24h clock?

It eliminates any ambiguity as to what time shifts start—especially for 12am. Which means people on late night shifts don't have to worry about confusing when their shift is.

 Why not email offers?

Texting offers precision and maximum accessibility.

You end up with people who aren't as savvy with email on their phone or don't have a smartphone at all. That group ends up getting less access to shifts (even though they're high priority because they're more senior).