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CrewDriver is entirely hosted inside of Canada and available worldwide.


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Call Dashboard


 Start Call - Sends offers to workers until all shifts are filled or another action interrupts the call.

 Step Forward - Sends first round of offers to workers then pauses.

 Pause Call - Halts call from sending the next round of offers, responses to offers can still be sent in.

 Copy Call - Creates a duplicate call, including details, positions, and tweaks.

 Edit Call - Pauses the call and opens call details for editing. Choose between resetting or maintaining confirmed shifts.

 Fast Forward - Move the call to send the next round of offers.

 Finish Call - Completes the call even with empty shifts remaining, no more offers are sent and any confirmation responses are waitlisted.

 Delete Call - Remove the call from the dashboard.

 Rewind Call - Return to the beginning of worker list so as to send an offer to workers who didn't respond to the previous offer.

 Hide Call - Removes call from dashboard unless View Hidden Calls is on.

View Hidden Calls - Toggle between default dashboard view  and viewing hidden calls .

Send Email to Workers on Calls - Send an email to all workers confirmed on a selection of calls by clicking the Group Email Select button , checking boxes of calls to email to, then click the Compose Email button and fill in the dialogue or copy emails of confirmed workers, or exit with the cancel button .

 Preview Messages - View offer, confirmation, and reminder texts sent to workers.

 Tweak Call - Opens window to view, add, and import tweaks. Pauses call.

 Email Confirmed Workers - Send an email to confirmed workers.

 Text Reminder to Confirmed Workers - Send a reminder text to confirmed workers, with space to add a note.

 Download Timesheet - Select to download timesheet with or without phone number.

 Change Escalation Rate - Change to one of the preset escalation rates.

 Refresh Job Details - Manually refreshes job details to update worker responses.


Deciding - Workers who have been sent an offer but have not responded and the call has not escalated to the next round of offers yet.

Waiting list - Workers responded to accept a shift: after all shifts were filled, shift prior to the call starting, after the call closed, or despite a scheduling conflict.

Skipped - Workers who were skipped due to scheduling conflict or were unavailable.

Declines - Workers who did not accept a shift. Declined shifts have a timestamp noting when the shift was declined. Passive declines (did not respond within the escalation period) have no timestamp.