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Company - CrewDriver

CrewDriver is an intelligence technology company building the next generation of workforce communication for the on-demand economy.

Our primary product—CrewDriver—is an on-demand staff scheduling application.

Product - CrewDriver App

A virtual assistant, expediting call stewarding via automated texting.

Available as a stand-alone or as a plug-in for your existing workforce solution, companies looking to accelerate their scheduling solution to modern labour models can employ CrewDriver's technology directly into their existing and in-house products.

Smart and easy to use, CrewDriver automates call-outs. Whether day labour, event labour, banquets or any full-time equivalent work that requires picking up the phone to schedule people, CrewDriver supplies the power to maximize fulfillment.

To date CrewDriver has sent over 2 million messages and scheduled over 120,000 shifts. CrewDriver's users can focus completely on their client and worker relationships instead of fulfillment; delivering a dramatic impact to their bottom line.

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General: We sponsor theatres in BC with an unlimited usage subscription to CrewDriver—Anvil Centre Theatre, Massey Theatre, Firehall Arts Centre, and Port Theatre.

Feb 1st, 2017 - Integration with Flex Rental Solutions

March 1st, 2018 - GetWorkers (now CrewDriver) is on the Ready To Rocket list 2018, 2017

Founder - Jason Harmer


Jason C. Harmer is an event lead turned tech entrepreneur. Bringing a software background and decade of production management know-how to the creation of CrewDriver.

Jason’s passion for sharing knowledge has led him to serve as a producer for 230 episodes of Universe Today’s Guide To Space series, and a former Director of ILEA, where he hosted a year's worth of on-line round-table discussion.

He enjoys coaching and mentorship and will talk productivity and team communication with even the slightest provocation.




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