CrewDriver Resources

Welcome to CrewDriver's Wiki! The pages within CrewDriver Resources are here to assist in changing to CrewDriver, as well as setting up new coordinators and workers, and importing from Flex. Also in this wiki is an extensive FAQ and press releases.


Client Setup Checklist - Bookmark this page!

Who is CrewDriver?

Flex Integration and Import


Media Info and Press Kit


Here are some tools we've collected to help our users (both admin and crew).

VCF to CSV converter

Make graphics to show people examples of text conversations

Intro text example:

Alex? It's Jaime at Company. Please let us know you received this by replying with ABCD 00000 yes.

ABCD 00000 yes

Thanks! We can now send work offers via text with CrewDriver. Send ABCD 11111 (with your email) and we'll send you more info on how it all works.