Office staff introduction email template #1



To:Office staff
Subject line (suggestions):
  • Workers with questions about text messages
  • Our new scheduling software

Send this email shortly before adding your crew to CrewDriver.

Replace ABCD in this template with your shortcode from account setup.

Subject: Upgrading our scheduling 

Hey all,

We're bringing a new tool to our world. This isn't just your regular run-of-the-mill workforce management software. We're using CrewDriver—it's a full-on scheduling autopilot.

Built and designed by production people and used in the US, Australia and Canada. We've chosen to work with them because they understand our challenges the best. 

Here's the experience we're looking forwards to:

  • Automating the entire selection-to-confirmation process
  • Improve our ability to say "yes" to last minute requests where crew is required
  • Cut down on having to jump-in on the weekend and clean up a mess created by client changes
  • Schedule people to manage last minute changes
  • Improve our ability to propagate changes to crew
  • Significantly improve our ability to identify shortages well in advance of an event
  • Reduce office staff burnout from crewing

But you don't have to take their word for it:

We'll be sending out other information to you as the setup process continues and shortly we'll start sending texts out to crew to train them on the new system.

Our account manager is, please feel free to contact him with questions.