Managing Change

We generally see 1 or 2 crew out of 25 get pretty excited about the change.

Interestingly, we often see the people who resist the hardest become the bigger fans. They're passionate, and any change alarms some more than others.

Be patient and firm. In 10 days everyone will be using it and in a few months it'll seem weird that people ever called each other for a quick yes or no.

Common complaints

  • Too many texts - If they know their availability, they can have you limit the work offers they're getting.
  • I'm going to block the numbers - This is a challenging one. We usually see this as a fear of the automation part. We always recommend reassuring your staff that part of the way CrewDriver is built is to make sure they're treated fairly.
  • Too much typing to respond - It's a few characters and it keeps any ambiguity and confusion out of which call is which. We're always looking for ways to simplify the process.