Administrator FAQ


 What admin support resources are there?
 How do we reset a password?

Enter your email in the log-in page and click the "Forgot your password?" link on the bottom of the page. If you are still experiencing problems, contact the us through the client slack.

 Can I use CrewDriver on my phone?

Heck ya. It's built with an interface technology that resizes for different screen size, including phone and tablet.

 What's in the info email sent to crew?

This email is found in the wiki under Crew Resources as The Request More Info Email.

 What if crew don't respond?

We suggest keeping in contact with your crew about the change to CrewDriver. We've found that after the third call people get in the habit of responding to texts, so keep encouragement up in the early stages to help the changeover. In addition, initially it's best to follow up with workers who don't respond to texts; give them a call and ask them to send in a NO response if they're not interested so they get the hang of replying.

 Can I rescind an offer that’s been sent out?

Once an offer has been sent, there’s no way to take it back. You can call the worker and tell them not to respond, or remove them from the shift once they’ve accepted.

 Can I get a master list of confirmed staff for multiple calls?

Yes! You can produce and export reports for multiple calls, by date, or within the past 24 hours on the Reports page.

 How do I get CrewDriver to send me notifications?

In Settings under Notifications, you can add your number under Admin Cell Number (only receive texts during Messaging Hours) or 24hr Admin Cell Number to receive texts, or Add Admin Email to receive emails when:

  • A call reaches the end of a position list with shifts still available
  • Someone removes themselves from a shift
  • All shifts on a call are filled
  • It's pausing because you need to act on a landline person

If you'd like to stop receiving notifications, remove your contact information from the Settings and Save Changes.

 How do I resend the setup text to a worker?

There are two ways to resend the setup text to workers.

First method: Use the Active Workers tool. Click the menu item showing the percentage of active workers to open a modal that shows a worker who has yet to respond, along with their number, a guide, and the option to resend the setup text. You can then click Next Worker to load the next worker who hasn't responded to the setup text, until you run out of workers who haven't responded.

Second method: Sort workers by status on the Workers page. Click the Status header on the list of workers to sort by status and workers with any issues in CrewDriver will be sorted to the top of the list. Workers who haven't responded will have a yellow status dot, click the button with the exclamation icon next to the status to open a modal with the worker's number, an explanation of their status, and the option to resend the setup text.

 How do I replace invalid phone numbers?

Invalid phone numbers can be sorted and replaced on the Workers page. Click the Status header on the list of workers to sort by status and workers with any issues in CrewDriver will be sorted to the top of the list. Invalid numbers will have a red status dot, click the button with the exclamation icon next to the status to open the troubleshooting modal. In the modal, you can save a different number or set the current number as valid. If the worker is using a landline, be sure that Worker Uses Landline is checked in the worker's profile.

 What if someone on the list is booked outside of CrewDriver?

Use the Tweaks page in Call Creation when creating a call that overlaps with when they are booked. Click the add tweak button, select the person, and click Drop from call. The call will skip sending an offer to this person.

If you're building several calls while this person is booked, you can go to their Profile, add an availability constraint for the time they're booked. All calls will skip sending an offer to the person if the shift conflicts with the availability constraint.

 What happens if crew doesn't respond to an offer?

If a worker doesn't respond to an offer, CrewDriver waits until the end of the escalation period (when the next round of offers are sent) and marks the worker as a system generated no. They can still accept shift after the escalation period, so long as it's still available.

 How do I send an offer to a new worker for a call that has shifts remaining but has already sent offers to everyone prior to the addition of the new worker?

You can assign the worker to a shift and click Resend Offer. We suggest calling up the worker to offer them the shift first.

If you’ve added several workers, you can hit the Rewind icon for the call, and CrewDriver will send an offer to everyone who didn’t respond with a Yes or No.

 If I start multiple calls at the same time will they all send offers to the same people?

If multiple calls have the same position and they're started at the same time, the top of the list for that position (by rank, referral, or fewest hours) will receive an offer from the the calls. If bombarding your team with texts is a concern, we suggest saving calls when you create them and staggering when you hit start on each call.

We find people are pretty resilient about the text volume, but in the beginning you may receive complaints as people adjust to using the system.

 How do I include more details when importing worker information?

When using the Bulk Add Tool for crew, use the column to the right of the Email column to add notes that will show in the individual worker's profile.

Building Calls

 What special characters can I use in texts?

Here's a list of the characters you can use in offer, confirmation, and reminder texts.

!   ?   @   $   -   +   ,  .

 Can I indicate in the job offer what role the shift is?

You can either build a call for each position and add to the description that other positions will also be offered and which, or you can build an Advanced call and check the box for Contractors can choose positions. If you check the box, any workers on multiple position lists with shifts on the call will be offered the choice of which position to accept a shift for.

 Am I able to customize start or end times for individuals within the job?

CrewDriver defines a call as a group of shifts that all start and end at the same time. Build a separate call for shifts that start or end at a different time.

 How do I book a multi-day call, with varying start and end times?
 Does the call escalate when everyone has responded?

Yep, we jump to the next group if everyone in the current group has responded accept or declines.

 How do I tell crew details about the shift they're offered?

Any details you'd like workers to know when they're being offered a message can be put in the Work Description box when creating a call. Any details they should know once they've accepted an offer can go in the Post Arrival Instructions. Learn more about Messaging Hours here.

 A call has sent an offer to everyone on a position list but there are still shifts to be filled, how do I send out another round of offers?

Hit the Rewind button to send offers to people who didn’t respond with a Yes or No.

 How do I see what goes into an offer text?

When you build a call, the offer text is drafted while you fill in call details on the same page. You can also view the offer, confirmation, and reminder texts on the call dashboard by clicking the message preview button  of the selected call. To view messages that have been sent to a worker, check the activity log; sort by action to see all the offers together.

 Can I edit the message templates?

The standard templates are fixed. However you can add any details you want to the work offers with the Work Description field and to the confirmations with the Post Arrival Instructions field.

 Why does the software stop messaging people at night?

We don't want to disturb your crew late at night. You can set the messaging hours in the Settings to the hours you regularly call your crew. If you need to message people at night, set the Escalation Rate to Emergency.

 Can I pull timesheets from the app?

You can pull timesheets by call from the Call Dashboard with the clock button in the call details, or use the Reports page for more options. On the Reports page you can select multiple calls or all calls within two dates.

 Why has CrewDriver sent more offers than there are shifts on a call?

CrewDriver accounts for the likelihood of NO responses, by sending 1 more offer for every 10 shifts on a call.


 What are tweaks for?

Tweaks allow you to make temporary changes to who is offered work for a single call. You can move people to the top, order them, move them to the bottom, remove people from a position or the call itself.

 What if a client specifically requests a person?

When building a call, assign a shift to a person on the tweaks page with the Hold Shift button.

 What if I need to temporarily make someone the top of a position list?

When tweaking a call, you can make someone temporarily at the top of a position list by selecting them, and click "Bump above all".

When this call starts, it'll message this person first with the offer, then return to your regular list starting at Position 1.

You can also use "Bump above list" to add people to second place which comes after the "Bump above all" list has been sent out.

 How do I stop a worker from being sent an offer unsafe-once a call is already started?

Click the Tweak Call button of the selected call on the Call Dashboard to open a modal similar to the Tweaks page when building a call. Select the worker and click Drop from Call.


 What does Assign do?

Assign holds a shift for a specific person and sends them an offer. If they send a no, it removes them and moves on to the next person on the list. If they don't respond, we continue to hold the shift for them.

 Can I confirm someone manually if they have already told me they want a shift?

You can assign a person but not manually confirm them. This ensures every worker has control over which shifts they accept or decline, eliminating a lot of potential scheduling mistakes.

Editing Calls

 How does editing a call work?

When you edit a call, you have the option to reset or keep confirmed shifts.

If you're changing details that would effect a worker's availability—location, time—we recommend resetting confirmations. This switches confirmed workers to Assigned, so they are first to receive an offer once you start the call again.

If you're changing details that wouldn't effect a worker's availability—call name, project name—we recommend editing while keeping confirmations.

Either way, you should make a note of the change in the description; if you haven't reset confirmations, send a reminder text to send the change's note to workers.

 When should I edit a call?

CrewDriver has already built in options to notify workers of minor changes to a call and to add crew to your call without having to edit it. You should only edit a call if you are making significant changes to the call's details—the call name, project name, location, or time. See How does editing a call work? for our recommendations.

 Can I edit the text that is sent out?

Yes, and we recommend it! When you edit a call and reset confirmations, please note the change in the Work Description so workers resent an offer are notified of the change. If you haven't reset confirmations, use the Send Reminder Text button on the dashboard and add any changes to the call to notify crew.

 Can I add or remove shifts without editing a call?

Yes! On the Call Dashboard, you can add or remove shifts when you've selected a call. If you remove a shift with a confirmed worker, they will be notified they are removed from the shift.

 How do I add more crew to a running call?

If you want to add people to a running call, simply click the Add Shift button at the bottom of the worker list with the call and position selected on the Call Dashboard. You can keep adding shifts to any position this way.

If you'd like to to add workers to many positions at once, click Add Positions to open a modal with of positions and how many shifts for each on the call. Add shifts to the positions you need and click the Update shift(s) confirmation at the bottom of the modal.

 How do I add another position to a running call?

If you want to add people to a running call, click the Add Position(s) button at the bottom of the worker list with the call selected on the Call Dashboard. This will bring up a modal that looks like the Choose Positions page when building a call. Add the number of shifts to the new position and click the Update shift(s) confirmation at the bottom of the modal.

 Can I change the speed that calls get filled?

Absolutely you can! You can edit your settings to configure the speed at which the offers are sent out to your crew

 Can I add a logo or customize CrewDriver in any way?

Absolutely! You can add a logo on our settings page. Navigate to our settings page and upload your logo. This logo will be used on any crew sheets you download.

Call Dashboard

 On the Call Dashboard what is the number in the brackets under Booked?

The number indicates how many shifts are assigned for a worker but aren’t confirmed.

 How do I see who has been messaged?

After selecting your desired call from the dashboard you can see who has been messaged by clicking the + next to the Messaged header in the bottom right corner of the page. 

 All shifts are filled, why isn't the call completed?

After the last slot is filled it gives the crew time to change their response. The call will complete after one escalation period since the the last confirmation.

 How do I see who turned down the call?

On the Call dashboard with the call selected, scroll down and expand the Declined section to see who's declined the call. If there's a time stamp, that's when they sent in a no. If there's no timestamp, there was no response within the escalation period and the shift has been offered to the next person.

 How do I send a reminder?

On the Call dashboard with the call selected, click the Send Reminder button beside each person's name in the call details.


 How do I rank workers on a position list?

There are two ways to rank workers. You can drag and drop workers in a list by their name to reorder it, or change the number in the Position Rank column. Don't forget to save the list before leaving it to keep the new rankings.

 How do I make sure a worker isn’t offered a shift at a location they don’t work at?

You can either use Tweaks to drop the worker from the call every time you build a call at the location or you can build separate position lists for each location. So the position list for each location only contains workers available to work at that location.

 What does the Primary star symbol do?

Anyone marked as primary will shuffle to the top of your list when you're building a new position.

      Find out more about work offers and referral lists in Work offer methods and How to Use Work Offer Methods.

Worker Profiles

 Does a worker need an email?

Nope. All you need to add a worker is their name and phone number. Email is only used for sending schedules and your communication where you choose between sending an email or a text.

 What's the best way to mark a worker unavailable for a whole day?

With the date selected, choose the start time as 00:00 and the end time as 23:45.

 How do I set availability for a crew member?

On the Availability tab of a Worker's profile, click the + icon. Select a date range or if the availability modification will be recurring. Add the time start and end, and check which days the worker is unavailable at during those times.

 How do I remove a worker from a Position List?

On the Position List you'd like to remove them from, find the worker's name and click the trash can icon on the right of the worker's ranking. Remember to save after any changes to a Position List.

 How do I remove a worker from a CrewDriver?

On the Workers page, find the worker's name and click the trash icon in the Sleep column of the table. A modal will warn you that the worker will be deleted from the roster and their ranks deleted from all position lists they are on. Confirm to remove the worker.